General description:

Toolgal’s narrow and wide slot wall saw blades provide a unique and high performance solution which enable professional cutter the advantage of fast cutting with extended product life

Toolgal offers a wide range of standard and tailor made products for all your machine type and size demands.

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  • Cuts concrete, reinforced concrete & masonry block.
  • Fast cutting with extended product life
  • Fits wet and dry cutting processes
  • Fits wide variety of machine type and size
Potential Users:
  • General, Masonry & Remodeling Contractors.
  • Professional Cutters.
  • Concrete repair and Restoration Constructors.
  • Concrete Sawing and Drilling Constructors.
Potential Applications:
  • Door and window openings.
  • Wall and masonry cutting.
  • Electric, hydraulic, diesel and petrol machines
  • Taylor made solution for wide range of aggregates.