Wall Saw Solutions

Toolgal saw blades are well adapted to all types of machines on the market: hydraulic and electrical.

Toolgal developed the innovative and environmentally friendly “Gold Edge” line, a proven fast cutting yet high performance blade in the toughest cutting jobs today. Toolgal supplies wall saws and services to professional contractors worldwide.

Road Saw Blades

Toolgal saw blades are designed according to the aggregate type and machine power being used.

Whether you are cutting green and cured concrete, asphalt, asphalt over concrete or loop blades, Toolgal has the right saw blade. No matter how small or large the project, we provide the range of saws you need.

Pre-stressed Concrete Cutting Blades

TOOLGAL’s capability to provide the most efficient solution for cutting Hollowcore PSC slabs, beams and railway sleepers is known worldwide.

TOOLGAL developed a variety of products that can answer almost every demand and combination of reinforcement, aggregate type and cutting equipment.

Hand Held Saw Blades

With decades of experience in design and manufacturing, Toolgal offers contractors an efficient and professional cutting solution for reinforced concrete, masonry, fire bricks and general construction materials.

Core Drilling

Toolgal core drill bits and the configuration of our professional diamond bit segments,  guarantee quick and high performance drilling in all common construction materials such as concrete, reinforced concrete, concrete blocks and masonry.

Chain Solutions

Toolgal offers high quality chains with compatible guide bars, sprockets and chain parts for general construction applications as well as an ingenious Bulk Concept and Assembly Kit.