Superior performance laser welded diamond chain for:
  • General building materials
  • Firebrick/ Refractories
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Stone /Granite
  • Block/ Sandstone/ Abrasive materials
  • Coal
  • Building Bricks
  • Ductile iron/ Cast iron/ PVC/ HDPE

SPEED – 25% faster than others.

LIFE SPAN – 25% longer life span than others.

IMPROVED USER EXPERIENCE – On each link there is a segment providing smoother cutting and higher output.
Diamond segment on each link providing smoother cutting, higher output and less vibration.

BULK CONCEPT – Efficient stock management solution: cut to size and repair capability.

COMPLETE KIT – Provides a compatible answer for most common chain cutting machines.

ACCESSORIES – Compatible high quality guide bars, sprockets and chain parts.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT – Direct from the manufacturer.

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Application Chart

7/16″ chains available in three configurations:

UniGal X – Best choice for cutting general construction materials and light reinforced concrete
ProGal X – Professional choice for Heavy duty jobs in reinforced concrete and abrasive materials
Black Edge X – Toolgal unique technology for cutting Ductile Iron and Cast Iron pipes, construction bricks, PVC and HDPE pipes

Product Range
Kits for Gas Chainsaws
Kits for Hydraulic Chainsaws
Kits for Electric Chainsaws