O.D. Grinding - The Challenge

OD (Out Diameter,) Clearance Angel and End Face require wheels which enable the work piece to achieve excellent finishing, maximum surface Quality.

The requirements for surface quality have become much more stringent.
Toolgal wheels match this requirement

Toolgal bonds combine with accurately geometric designee of the wheels enables the customer to meet the new demands.

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Toolgal Standard Range for Grinding of Clearance Angles, End-faces

Suitable also for grinding OD, Gashing and radial clearances grinding and regrinding
Diamond wheels for tungsten carbide grinding Wet Grinding Dry Grinding CBN
High performance hybrid bond RM6 D46-D64 C100 RM5 RM9
Standard resin bond CB4 D46-D64 C100-C125 CB D64-D126 C75 RM5 RM9
Recommended cutting speed [m/s] 25-35 12-22 RM5 RM9
CBN wheels for steel grinding Wet grinding Dry grinding RM5 RM9
High performance hybrid bond RM9 B91-B107 V240 RM5 RM9
Standard resin bond CB951 B91-B126 V240-V300 CB964 B91-B126 V180 RM5 RM9
Recommended cutting speed [m/s] 25-45 25-35 RM5 RM9
11V9 12V9
12V5 11V5