General description:

Toolgal offers a comprehensive range of industrial diamond tools, including a complete polishing and calibrating tools series.  These tools, used to perfect the smooth finishing of natural and engineered stone such as sandstone, marble and quartz are used both indoors and outdoors.  The raw material is supplied to the designer in large slabs and due to the fine aesthetics of the end product,  a range of state of the art diamond cutting tools is required to achieve the end product.

With more than 60 years experience in the field of designing and manufacturing diamond cutting tools, we offer expert technical support and products of the highest quality.

Finishing processes include:     

  • Roughing – initially removes flaws and disfigurements in stone
  • Calibrating –  shapes the stone to a specific tolerance
  • Smoothing –  prepares the stone for polishing
  • Polishing –  gives shine to the stone
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Toolgal is a market leader in the development of innovative diamond tools for industrial applications.   We provide tools for high performance cutting, drilling and polishing of diamond tools, segments for natural and engineered stone in the construction industry for  cutting and drilling concrete, asphalt and hard substrate.

TOOLGAL’s in-depth knowledge, understanding and experience in the polish-calibration domain is based on over 30 years of cooperation with large engineering stone manufacturing companies.

We offer creative, tailor-made solutions to fit your design and application and all manufacturing takes place in-house.

Our advanced technologies and professional tools will help enhance and improve all of your organizations construction processes.



State of the art diamond cutting and polishing tools:

  • Rollers (roughing, finishing)
  • Plates
  • Fickerts (diamond, resin)
  • Frankfurts (synthetic, resin)
  • Calibrator plates
  • Satellite wheels
  • Brushes (diamond, steel, carborundum)
  • Polishers

We offer an extensive range of reliable cutting blades suitable for manual and automatic machines.  Talk to our sales experts for a full range of TOOLGAL diamond blades to find the blade which will not only deliver speed, but also accuracy and quality.


A wide range of calibration tools are needed and used in the first steps to eliminate the imperfections of the natural and engineered stone slabs.   Our range of calibration rollers fit all generic lines and machines, such as Breton MC8, Simec, MBD MC20 and more.   We will be happy to create a solution to fit your specific needs.


High quality diamond tools (Fickerts/Frankfurts) are needed, especially during the final stages of stone processing.  Our tools enable the user to have complete control over the product during the final stages of processing.  We offer a variety of tools to suit different grain sizes and types of material. TOOLGAL polishing tools fit global standard product ranges and our team of expert technical designers work with you to find the unique solution for your specific need.