General description:

Toolgal provides wide range of narrow and wide slot floor saw blades using standard and tailor made blade designs for various floor cutting applications and substrates.

Toolgal’s solutions using undercutting technology to provide high speed cutting and longer blade life which can be use on various machines.

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  • Cuts concrete, reinforced concrete, Asphalt, Asphalt over Concrete and Mixed substrates.
  • Fast cutting with extended product life
  • Fits wet and dry cutting processes
  • Fits wide variety of machine type and size
Potential Users:
  • Road & public works contractors.
  • Professional cutters.
  • General contractors
  • Concrete repair & restoration constructors.
  • Concrete sawing & drilling constructors.
Potential Applications:
  • Streets, roads and drives.
  • Electric, hydraulic, diesel and petrol machines
  • Taylor made solution for wide range of aggregates and mixes.