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Toolgal is a market leader in the development of innovative diamond tools for industrial applications.   We provide tools for high performance cutting, drilling and polishing of diamond tools, segments for natural and engineered stone in the construction industry for  cutting and drilling concrete, asphalt and hard substrate.

Toolgal’s products combine in-depth metallurgical knowledge, innovative engineering capabilities, wide application experience, flexible and advanced manufacturing capabilities which allow us to create a wide range of tailor made solutions for our customers around the world.

We offer creative, tailor-made solutions to fit your design and application and all manufacturing takes place in-house.

Our advanced technologies and professional tools will help enhance and improve all of your organization construction processes.


Robotic floor shaving machines globally are perfecting floor surfaces with Toolgal’s diamond milling tools.  Only the highest standard cutting rings and milling tools are used to achieve extreme precision when grinding warehouse and industrial floors.  Diamond tools are the answer where both heavy duty and ultimate smoothness is a requirement.

Floor shaving machines are programmed to deliver extremely accurate results and is assisted in achieving the desired floor smoothness by way of using high quality diamond milling tools.   This will ensure fast and safe shaving of the floor, delivers less dust, but still reaches the highest level of precision.   These milling tools are more economical due to the extra strength provided by the diamond finishing in the cutting rings which contributes to faster shaving and a smoother surface.  This translates into maximizing floor surface.

Floor shaving machines with diamond milling tool applications:

  • Shaving new floors
  • Repairing damaged or old floor surfaces
  • Upgrading existing floors